GRIPSS - the new dimension of power-saving switches – is equipped with intelligent voice output. The innovative technology primarily benefits your guests, but will ultimately benefit you even more.


// How does ist work?

The hotel room is - as usual - opened by the electronic key card. Inserting the card into the power-saving switch not only turns on the lights, but simultaneously welcomes the guest. The individually programmable voice system addresses each guest personally.
Upon arrival in the hotel room for the very first time, the guest is welcomed to the location. In the evening, the cocktail happy hour at the bar is mentioned,  or the guest can be invited to a massage. The next morning, the guest can be informed about city tours, water temperatures, or simply about the weather. What you want the guest to hear is entirely up to you, whether it is general and/or individual information.

// Advantages for your guests

Your guest finds out about the latest offers and receives information in a convenient manner - not from notice boards such as those found in elevators or hotel desks, or by looking them up in the room brochures. The information is presented as guests enter the hotel room. The individual programming for guests ensures that they receive only information suited to their own daily schedules or interests. The information offered can be tailored to any guest category; families with children can be informed of different services than single travelers, couples or leisure travelers.

// Advantages for your hotel

Through the voice output system, your guests take notice of offers they normally may not utilize, including on-site benefits and services such as massages, child care or current offers at the bar, as well as external offers such as restaurants, the nearby cinema or a day tour. This not only increases your sales, but also that of partner businesses. Related commission deals also add revenue for your hotel.

This extra revenue increases your general profit per guest, meaning that GRIPSS will pay for itself within a short amount of time.

Each guest is unique and has differing interests and preferences. The more you know about your guests, the more individualized the information via GRIPSS can be. Create customized texts and various text blocks, which can easily be re-used, and can be assigned to the respective target groups.

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GRIPSS | Power-saving switch with integrated voice output

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