Power-saving switch |integrated voice output | GRIPSS


A welcome speech and information via a TV screen is out-dated. With GRIPSS, the speaking power -saving switch, your guests will experience an entirely new and unique service.


// GRIPSS is intelligent

GRIPSS transforms the traditional power-saving switch (PSS) to a "personal guest greeter". The required data are downloaded to the key card during check-in and later used automatically by GRIPSS.
The individualized messages are recorded via the text-to-speech method (TTS) and stored as an audio file that can then be played back using the integrated speakers. Mood-enhancing music plays in the background. When leaving the room, GRIPSS wishes the guest a good day or a nice evening out.


// GRIPSS is individually programmable

GRIPSS speaks the language of your guests

The GRIPSS system is fully multilingual. Whether they speak English, French or Spanish, GRIPSS speaks the language of your guests. Currently, the following languages are supported: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Hindi and Arabic.

User-dependent permissions

GRIPSS can be easily programmed for different access levels via the user-friendly software.  For example, the available TV programs can be restricted for children. They will receive their own card with decreased functionality. Or housekeeping can be allowed only cleaning measures.

Real time with running accuracy

Via its timing option, GRIPSS provides an appropriate response at any time of the day. From breakfast to dinner, the information fits perfectly with the daily routine of your guests. It is also possible to regulate individual power circuits, such as switching off the air conditioner after midnight.


// GRIPSS saves energy

Power-saving switches are commonplace in most hotels. When the guest leaves the room, lights and appliances are disconnected from power. GRIPSS, however, is smarter than most general power-saving switches. For example, GRIPSS recognizes whether or not the legitimate card for a room is being used.


Connection to the building services

Via the KNX interface, GRIPSS can easily be integrated with the hotel's technology. As an official KNX device, it can provide details about the room occupancy or time of cleaning. This allows service calls to be better planned and coordinated. All information is available to the housekeeping and front desk staff in real time.


// GRIPSS is online

There is a virtual tablet in the GRIPSS-software, on which the current room status is always displayed for the hotel staff. Because of all GRIPSS-units are connected with the "main board" by Wi-fi, the status is transfered in real time. When a guest enters the room, he inserts his card and is reported as a "guest present (yellow)". When he leaves his room, he takes his card again and will be detected as "guest absent (green)". As soon as one of the maids used GRIPSS with his card, the status changes to "room service (blue)". For hotel services a very important source of information.