No matter how attractive the offer might be, regular signs and posters are generally not recognized. Marketing campaigns that are read out loud to the guest are much more effective.


// GRIPSS is a valuable marketing tool

When the guest enters the room, he or she is provided with short messages regarding special services, attractions and offers. Interested in a massage after visiting the sauna? How about the theatre tonight? Maybe a city tour tomorrow?  Or seeing special offers at the jeweller’s?

Nowhere else in a hotel is it possible to present the guest with specific "advertising", because it is often perceived as being intrusive. However, in the guest's room, information can be more personalized and is perceived as pleasant and convenient.  Naturally, the information has to match the guest's circumstances. This means that business guests should receive information other than that provided to leisure travelers or family vacationers. Of course, this is entirely up to you. You can draw upon your own creativity and experience, or you can hire our specialized marketing consultants to help you.


// GRIPSS ensures increase in sales

Using this non-intrusive but targeted advertising of activities, the guest becomes aware of offers that they would never find out about without GRIPSS. Very few travelers read the notices in the lobby or elevators. Flyers in the room or at the breakfast table are often ignored.

The short and informative targeted offers in your hotel room can provide your hotel with additional sales. This will result in a very quick return of investment.  GRIPSS offers a multitude of ways to advertise:

// Hotel services (complementary or as a paid offer)
// Gastronomy in the hotel or outside catering: Recommendation of the house
// Shopping at the hotel or external partners
// External services and tourism services of travel agencies


// Personalized example calculation

The extra revenue generated by GRIPSS can be as individual as each guest. We will gladly demonstrate the realistic potential based on your hotel's data. During an informative presentation you will learn more about GRIPPS and we will provide you with a personalized calculation. You will become aware of how short the amortization period of GRIPSS can be if it is utilized in an intelligent and creative way. Call us today to book an appointment with our sales team at +49 (0) 89 / 85 20 60.

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GRIPSS | Power-saving switch with integrated voice output

// Intelligent
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